Propane Fuel for Auto Fleets

If you are looking to control your fuel costs and reduce emissions for your auto fleet in Ontario, then you should consider a switch to propane fuel systems.

At Primemax Energy, we have been providing industry-leading propane distribution services for auto fleets since 1992. We understand that performance and reliability are crucial to operating your fleet, and we can provide tried-and-tested propane fuel solutions for everything from small to large-scale auto fleets.

Our team will work with you to develop propane distribution systems and pricing programs that will ensure that your fleet has access to affordable fueling when and where they need it. Our propane solutions for auto fleets can be customized to meet your specific needs and greatly reduce your fleet’s overall operating costs.

Contact our team today to learn more about how a propane-powered auto fleet can help your business achieve greater growth in the long term.

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The Benefits of Propane Fuel

Regular Cost Savings

Switching to propane from gasoline offers you the opportunity to lower your monthly or yearly fuel costs by 30 to 50% for your auto fleet. The average market price of propane is consistently below gasoline and is likely to continue to be more affordable by comparison.

Reduced Maintenance

Propane vehicles use a cleaner-burning fuel source and require less engine maintenance as a result. This allows you to extend the intervals between maintenance check-ups and increase the potential lifespan of the engines in your fleet.

Reliable Performance

A professional propane vehicle conversion will result in a negligible change in engine performance and will allow you to continue operating with the necessary power. Propane engines have also been shown to be safer, with a lower percentage of reported failures.

Fixed Cost Programs

At Primemax Energy, we offer a variety of pricing programs to fit the needs of your business. We can provide custom options for fixed monthly fuel costs that will allow your business to achieve better ROI through consistent pricing.

Lower Emissions

Studies have shown that propane engines produce lower amounts of carbon emissions when compared to gasoline. Switching your auto fleet to propane fuel is not only the smart financial decision — it is also the environmentally-responsible choice.