Propane Pricing & Payment Options

At Primemax Energy, we understand that homeowners and business owners in Ontario have a diverse range of needs when it comes to propane. We are committed to providing flexible pricing and payment solutions to fit your specific situation.

If you have any questions about our pricing and payment options, please contact us for further details. We are always open to customizing a program to fit your specific needs.

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Our Propane Pricing Programs

Propane Fixed Price Program

At Primemax Energy, we negotiate with wholesale propane suppliers annually, in order to obtain the best price, thanks to our large purchasing power. As a result, we are able to offer our customers a Fixed Price Program that provides you with stability and consistency in a potentially volatile fuel market.

Our Fixed Price Program provides you with a single, fixed price that you can lock in for the duration of your heating season, a calendar year, or two calendar years, depending on your specific needs.

This program is ideal for homes and businesses that wish to have fixed heating costs, as it allows for simple budgeting and takes the worry out of rising heating costs. In most cases, fixed pricing may lower your overall costs for the season.

Propane Floating Price Program

Our Floating Price Program will adjust your propane price throughout the year, based on market peaks and valleys. Each time you request a delivery, you will be charged the current market price for the amount of fuel that you are purchasing.

This program is a good option for homes and businesses that have year-round propane needs and would like to follow the fuel markets closely, in order to make purchasing decisions at specific times. The program offers the ability to take advantage of periods of low demand pricing in the propane industry and reduce your fuel costs, if your needs are not time sensitive.

Propane Equal Payment Program (Residential Only)

Our Equal Payment Program allows you to spread your propane payments out equally over a period of 12 months, in order to pay equal monthly amounts throughout the year.

This program is a good option for homes that are looking to reduce cash flow issues with consistent monthly costs for their heating systems. Similar to the Fixed Price Program, it allows for simple budgeting and takes the worry out of paying high heating bills in peak demand periods.


Please note that Carbon Levy charges will increase annually effective April 1.  For more information, please see the Government of Canada’s website for fuel charge rates or registration.

Our Payment Methods

At Primemax Energy, we offer several convenient ways to pay your propane bill, including:

Mail a Payment

Payment of your monthly statement can be sent to us by mail. Mail your payment to us at the address shown on your statement.

Automatic Payment

Set up your pre authorized payments with one of our customer service representatives.

Our Payment Types

At Primemax Energy, we accept payments by credit card, cash, cheque, or online banking. We will accept both MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Please note that our drivers do not accept payments at delivery locations.

Payment Resources

If you are interested in applying for propane service for your home or business, click the links below to get started:

Please send all credit applications to primemax@primemaxenergy.com.

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