Asphalt Delivery in Ontario & Quebec

If you are looking for asphalt delivery services, we can help. At Primemax Energy, we have been providing bulk transportation services to businesses across Canada since 1992.

We provide bulk delivery of asphalt and fuel oil (bunker crude) for customers that are looking for a reliable transportation solution. Each of our drivers is trained in the safe transportation of asphalt and other elevated temperature materials, and has the equipment required to keep your product in the right condition.

We offer hot asphalt delivery to most locations in Ontario and Quebec. Contact our team to find out if we deliver to your location.

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Our Hot Asphalt Delivery Services

At Primemax Energy, we provide hot asphalt delivery services for customers in Canada. Our team uses four-axle quad trailers equipped with scully systems, in order to ensure we can safely load hot asphalt while preventing overflow. Each of our drivers is fully trained in the safe delivery of hot asphalt mix and able to handle a variety of unloading situations.

If you are looking for hot asphalt to be delivered to a specific location in Ontario or Quebec, our team has the experience and expertise to provide you with the right solution.

We provide local and long distance delivery, as well as the option to select tractor and trailer service or full service.

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About Our Asphalt Delivery Company

Primemax Energy is an industry-leading propane fuel and bulk liquid transportation provider, based in Ontario. We are experts in the transportation of a range of materials, including anhydrous ammonia, asphalt, butane, dry bulk, and various chemicals.

At Primemax Energy, our priority is exceptional customer service. From the way we answer the phone to 24/7 emergency service, we are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation services to our customers across Canada.

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