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When the weather is bad and crops need extra drying, farmers are always concerned about running out of propane.

You rely on propane to dry your crops and grains, but you can’t always predict how much you will need?

With Primemax Energy, you’ll keep drying without interruption. Our team of professionals will work with you to understand your fuel requirements and develop a customized propane solution that will meet the needs of your farm.

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Primemax Energy is an industry-leading propane provider for residential, commercial, and agricultural markets in Ontario. We offer a range of services, including propane delivery, propane storage and dispensing equipment, propane system maintenance, propane inspection services, and more.

At Primemax Energy, we make it a priority to provide exceptional customer service. From the way we answer the phone to the after-hours bulk service, we are committed to going above and beyond for you.

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Using Propane for Your Farm

Agriculture is about planning, hard work, and finding creative answers to difficult problems. Propane lets you work with your farm’s rhythms and market demands to produce the greatest crop possible without sacrificing yield or wasting money. It’s a clean-burning fuel for a variety of farm equipment and vehicles, including crop dryers, generators, forklifts, and more.

Depending on the size of your farm, you may have either one or two propane tanks. This makes it simple to fill up your vehicles on-site, provide energy to neighbouring structures, and ensure that you never run out of power in the winter. On your farm, you can utilize propane for efficient livestock production and high-quality grain products.

Learn more about the benefits of using propane for your farm below.

The Benefits of Propane Fuel

Cost Effective

Switching to propane from electricity, gas, or heating oil will often result in lower monthly utility bills for your farm. Propane can also be more cost-effective than heating oil or gas. When you consider that propane lasts longer without the need for stabilizers, doesn’t spill or evaporate, and doesn’t cause engine build-up, it’s easy to see why it’s a good choice.


Propane is a clean-burning fuel that provides farmers with an eco-friendly energy option. It is non-toxic and does not represent a leak risk. Switching to propane is a low-carbon, environmentally responsible choice.

Improved Efficiency

Propane-powered equipment has a lower operating cost and has been shown to last longer than equipment powered by gasoline or diesel. Propane-powered equipment also requires less maintenance. Most gasoline-powered equipment can also be easily converted to propane by a licensed professional.

About Primemax Energy

If you’re looking for agricultural propane services for your farm, we can help. Since 1992, Primemax Energy has been supplying propane distribution services to farms in Ontario. We’ll make sure that your gas operation is up to code and safe — and we can provide a variety of pricing and payment options to fit your needs.

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