Propane Delivery in Ontario

Running out of propane can be an unexpected and stressful event. 

You could find yourself without heat for your home or business, which means that you won’t be able to cook food, do laundry, or take hot showers. Without proper heating in the winter months, your pipes could freeze and burst under the pressure from expanding ice — leading to costly repairs and potential flooding damage.

We are here for you 24/7 with reliable delivery service when it matters most. Our team is trained in all aspects of propane supply including installations, maintenance services, and emergency deliveries. 

Primemax Energy provides you with peace of mind that you won’t run out of propane, and we offer a range of propane delivery options to accommodate the specific needs of your home or business. Learn more about our various delivery options below.

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Our Propane Delivery Services

Automatic Delivery

Our Automatic Delivery option provides your home or business the security of a reliable propane supply, and peace of mind knowing that your propane deliveries will occur automatically on an as-needed basis.

At Primemax Energy, we use industry-leading software to forecast your propane demand and anticipate the needs of your heating systems. Our system will automatically schedule your deliveries in advance to ensure that your propane will always arrive on time.

Will Call Delivery

Our Will Call Delivery option is best-suited for customers that have inconsistent or sporadic propane needs and prefer managing their own propane deliveries. This option allows you to schedule deliveries by calling or emailing our residential propane dispatch.

We recommend scheduling the delivery with us when your tank is 25 – 30% full. The typical delivery window is 7-10 days as Will Call deliveries will be added into the next regularly scheduled delivery in your area.

Propane Delivery for All Markets

Residential Propane Delivery

Homeowners in London, St. Catharines, Kitchener, Guelph, and the surrounding areas feel secure that they will receive on-time, problem-free propane deliveries at a reasonable price. We provide programs to automate your fuel supply and minimize the uncertainty of your heating costs, regardless of how the market fluctuates.

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Commercial Propane Delivery

Without a dependable method to schedule their propane delivery, drivers can unintentionally cause disruptions to your business. It’s time to switch to a company that works with you to understand your fuel demands and develops a custom propane solution that meets your needs.

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Agricultural Propane Delivery

Are you worried about running out of fuel because  you use propane to dry your crops and grains, but can’t always anticipate how much you’ll need? Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to understand your fuel demands and develop a propane solution that meets your farm’s needs.

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Auto Fleet Propane Delivery

Our team provides tried-and-tested propane distribution solutions for everything from small to large-scale auto fleets. We can help you put a propane delivery system in place to ensure that your fleet’s vehicles can always refuel when they need to get back on the road.

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