March 23, 2021

So you’ve made the switch to propane for your home. Now you need to know how to maintain your propane tank, system, and service.

At Primemax Energy, we understand you will need some help when switching to a new fuel or heating system. Our team is here to support you throughout the transition with current information about safety, upkeep, and much more.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your new propane tank, system, and service. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Propane Tank Maintenance

Prior to installation, you should make sure your tank has the appropriate clearance from the house. Discuss the matter with your propane supplier to ensure you’re following all relevant safety requirements.

Once your propane tank has been properly installed, check the tank regularly for any kind of damage, wear, or defects. This is especially important after a storm, when high winds, falling branches & heavy snowfall could cause serious damage.

Check for any damage to the valves, dials, or controls on the tank, as it is unsafe to operate a propane system with damaged equipment. During the winter months, keeping your tank clear of snow and ice will help increase the lifespan of your tank and minimize wear on it.

It is also important to ensure that your tank is installed on level ground and stays level. This is especially important if you install your tank on freshly ground soil. You’ll want to check the dirt around your tank after the installation to ensure there hasn’t been excessive settling or movement of the tank. If your tank is on concrete, check the condition of the concrete and ensure it is not at risk of deterioration.

These simple tips will help you provide basic propane tank maintenance. If you’re running into other problems, contact our team and we’ll be able to help.

Propane System Maintenance

The most important thing to do for your propane system maintenance is to check for leaks on a regular basis. If there is a leak present, you should be able to detect it quickly by the rotten egg (sulphur) smell. Assessing the system regularly for damaged pipes and outlets can prevent the leak before it happens.

You should check the level on your tank frequently to ensure that you do not run out of fuel. This will keep your system running efficiently and is especially important in the cold winter months. Regular checks will also help you gain insight into your usage, how that fluctuates seasonally, and when to call for delivery to avoid running out.

Apart from the cold house and great inconvenience for you, running out of fuel can cause serious damage to the system, including increasing your risk for leaks, rust build up, and extinguishing your pilot light. If your pilot light does go out, do not attempt to handle it yourself. This situation can lead to fire or explosion risks, if it is not handled by a professional. Give our team a call and we can resolve the situation for you.

Propane Service for Your Home

When you start using propane in your home, it’s important to set up your account and maintain it on a regular basis. Keep track of your payments and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your propane service. Our team is always happy to help.

At Primemax Energy, we offer automatic delivery, which means we will estimate your tank levels and send out a delivery whenever our system indicates you are getting low. However, this is just an estimate, so it is crucial to monitor your tank and system yourself. Make sure that you call in for a propane delivery when you get between 20 and 30% in your tank.

In the winter months, it is also important to clear a path to your propane tank and ensure your driveway is clear as well. This will ensure that your propane deliveries can be made on time and without complications.

Contact our team today and see how we can help you with propane maintenance.

6 thoughts on “Propane Maintenance: How Do I Get the Most Out of My Tank, System & Service?

  1. Thank you for mentioning the importance of checking the tank regularly for wearing or damage to help maintain it. I think that it would be extremely important to hire a professional propane service as soon as possible if you find any damages that need repair. My husband and I want to make sure our propane gas tank has a long lifespan, so we’ll keep these tips in mind.

  2. You made a good point when you said that a damaged propane system must not be operated, so you must check for any kind of damage, wear, or defects. This is something that I will share with my sister because she is planning to have her propane tank refilled next Friday. I will ask her to have it checked for any damages so she can safely use it at her planned parties.

  3. It made sense to me when you said that you must check your propane tank for leaks on a regular basis to ensure safety and its maintenance. My husband and I are interested in finding a propane company because we want to utilize our tank again. We will make sure to have our propane tank checked for leaks and other damages before having it refilled next Friday.

  4. Thank you for explaining that your tank should be installed on level ground and make sure it stays level. I’ve been wondering how to care for our propane tank now that we just got it refilled. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind and find the appropriate place to keep it.

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