February 27, 2020

Are you thinking about making the switch to propane, but concerned about what you’ve heard? In this blog, we are going to bust many of the common propane myths that you might have encountered and explain the benefits of making the switch to propane.

Propane is a natural by-product of crude oil refining and natural gas processing and a popular fuel used for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Over time, the potential uses of propane have expanded and it is experiencing growing popularity as an alternative fuel source for homeowners in Canada. Unfortunately, there are still many common myths about the use of propane, which are holding it back from being more widely utilized.

1. Propane is not safe (FALSE)

One of the most common concerns that people have with propane is the perceived risk of using propane in their homes. People worry about issues with propane leaks or accidental combustion because of what they’ve seen in movies, but propane is actually safer than most other forms of fuel.

Here are some quick propane safety facts that you may not know:

  • Propane manufacturers will add a chemical compound that smells like rotten eggs to propane, which makes it easy to detect the presence of a leak.
  • Propane gas will vaporize and dissipate naturally into the air, so if you smell a leak you simply have to wait a few minutes or open a window.
  • Most propane systems will come with an automatic shut-off function and leak alarms if the appliance malfunctions.
  • Propane is widely utilized in modern society and has been proven to be a safe, reliable fuel.

The fact is that strict regulations and manufacturing standards for propane equipment make it one of the safest fuel options available.

2. Propane is only for BBQs (FALSE)

Many people perceive propane as a fuel source for barbeques only. In fact, propane is a versatile fuel that can be used for many appliances in your home, including:

  • Furnaces or boilers
  • Hot water heaters
  • Stovetop ranges
  • Fireplaces
  • Patio heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Pool heaters
  • And more

Propane also has extra benefits as a fuel source. Many people prefer to cook on a propane stovetop compared to an electric stovetop — and many appliances will run more efficiently on propane than with other fuel options.

3. Propane is expensive (FALSE)

Another one of the most common propane myths is that it is an expensive fuel option, when, in fact, it is one of the most affordable sources of energy.

Propane systems tend to be quite affordable to purchase and install, and they do not require as much maintenance, as propane is a clean-burning fuel. Propane systems can also generate up to 98% efficiency, meaning that you get more energy per litre compared with other fuel sources.

You can also use our Propane Fixed Pricing Program to manage your propane costs.

4. Propane is slow to heat (FALSE)

Propane systems can operate with up to 98% efficiency. While many people perceive them to be poor, inefficient sources of heat, the opposite is true. When using propane, you will feel the effects of your heating system almost immediately after turning on your unit.

Take the example of an electric stove vs. a propane stove. While an electric element will take time to heat up, the propane burner will start generating heat as soon as it is ignited. The same is true for heating systems and other propane appliances.

5. Propane is bad for the environment (FALSE)

Compared to other fossil fuels, propane is one of the most environmentally-friendly options available. Propane is a clean-burning fuel with low carbon emissions. This means that it is a much better option than heating oil or electricity generated by a coal-burning power plant.

Propane will not contaminate soil or water if it leaks, as it will simply dissipate into the atmosphere. These features make it one of the best choices if you want a green option for heating your home.

Want to learn more about the benefits of switching to propane? Contact our team today to find out more about our propane systems.

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