June 10, 2022

Propane is a safe alternative to oil or electric heating and appliances when handled appropriately. With many safety features, you can feel confident in the performance, maintenance, and safety of your propane system. Here are 6 features that make propane a safe and reliable choice.


Propane is a non-toxic, clean energy source.

As a clean fuel, propane does not contaminate groundwater or soil. There are no major environmental repercussions if there is a leak, as it will dissipate naturally into the atmosphere. It is also not a greenhouse gas and produces minimal emissions if accidentally released before combustion.


It is modified to be easily detected.

Normally clear and odorless, manufacturers add a chemical compound to give propane a rotten egg smell to easily detect leaks.


It is not easily combustible in normal conditions.

Propane also has a low flammability range, requiring intense heat to ignite.


Our tanks are designed to be resilient.

Propane tanks are made to be 20 times more puncture resistant than those for ethanol, methanol or gasoline.


There are many safety guidelines.

Propane manufacturers and distributors are required to follow very strict safety guidelines, ensuring the safety and well-being of staff and customers at all times.


Tanks are not filled completely.

Home tanks are filled to a maximum of 80%, to allow space for expansion in warmer weather.


If you have more questions about propane, or propane safety, visit the Canadian Propane Association.

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