Propane Tank Monitoring in Ontario

Want to stop worrying about whether you have enough propane in your tank? Our propane tank monitoring systems will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have sufficient fuel available for your home or business in Ontario.

At Primemax Energy, we offer the latest in propane tank monitoring technology to ensure that your deliveries are scheduled automatically and that your tank is always refilled on time.

How It Works

When you install a new propane system at your home or business, let us know that you are interested in tank monitoring and our technicians will install our specialized monitoring technology in your tank.

After installation, the monitoring system will electronically transmit your tank percentage via cell tower or satellite to our system at regular intervals. This alleviates the need to check your propane fuel level or worry about running out.

As soon as your home or business requires additional propane, your monitoring system will alert us and automatically schedule a delivery. Our team will notify you about the delivery time and provide an update when the refill has been completed.

In some instances, a monitoring fee may apply with this service. Please contact our team for more information about our monitoring service.

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