Propane Delivery

Automatic Delivery

The Automatic Delivery option offers you security of propane supply and peace of mind that your propane deliveries will occur automatically as needed.  Primemax Energy utilizes the latest software to forecast your propane demand, ensuring that your propane is delivered on time. This option provides our customers with simplicity in a busy world and is well suited for customers that require propane for heat in their primary residence.

Will Call Delivery

Will Call Service is best suited for customers that have inconsistent or sporadic propane needs and want to manage their own propane deliveries. Our Will Call delivery service allows you to schedule deliveries either by calling or emailing our residential propane dispatch. We recommend scheduling the delivery with us when your tank is at 25 – 30% as the typical delivery window is 7-10 days to reach will call delivery customers. Will call deliveries may be expedited in an emergency situation, however you may incur additional charges to help offset the extra operational costs of rerouting the truck.

Tank Monitoring Option

Primemax offers the latest in tank monitoring technology to electronically transmit the tank level at your home or business and schedule deliveries automatically. The monitor attaches to your tank and regularly transmits the tank percentage via cell tower or satellite to our dispatch personnel. We are notified as soon as your tank requires additional propane. A monitoring fee may apply with this service.