Service and Installation


Primemax Energy has been providing safe and reliable propane service to our customers since 1992.  We’re dedicated to being a full service propane company offering tank installations, propane system maintenance, propane delivery service and more. Whether you are fueling your fleet or drying crops Primemax is there to ensure efficient and dependable propane service.


Our team of propane professionals can provide you with a free onsite consultation to estimate your annual usage and to properly size a storage tank for your business application. We can provide you with a custom based approach to propane supply and services for your operation. Let our experts listen and understand your needs and provide you with a solution tailored to you.

Our certified technicians are there to help you through the process of installing a propane tank at your Business. Our sales consultants will visit your site to help you size and choose the best location for your tank. Tanks can be installed in a convenient location to fit with your property and propane distribution systems can be designed to service multiple buildings. Our team of professionals will complete your propane tank installation on time, as required, every time.      

Propane System Inspections

We have the trained and certified technicians to ensure that your tank, distribution system and propane appliances are safe. Thus ensuring you worry free propane service as well as, safeguarding your business and related assets. Our service team will visit your location to inspect your tank and review the results with you. All paperwork is securely stored to meet legislative requirements. Contact a propane professional today….