Fleet and Auto Gas

If you are serious about controlling your fuel costs and reducing emissions, contact our sales representatives today to talk about propane for your fleet.

We understand that performance and reliability are crucial to operating your fleet. Ask us to show you how the new propane-powered fleet vehicles are tried, tested and true!

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Cost Savings

Lower your fuel costs by 30 – 50% by utilizing propane over gasoline.


Reduced Maintenance

significant reduction in engine and extended maintenance intervals wear by using cleaner burning propane.


Reliable performance

unnoticeable and insignificant loss of  engine performance. Propane has the power when needed.


Fixed fuel costs

We fix your propane costs and allow you to achieve your ROI.


Lower emissions

Propane produces lower amounts of carbon and toxic emissions when compared to gasoline. Make the environmentally clean choice. Choose Propane!

We provide you the Propane!

We provide the installation

We provide the expertise to make using Propane in your fleet a value added proposition for your organization!