Business Pricing & Payment Options

Primemax Understands Your Operation: After all, our business roots run deep. We understand the flexibility you need when it comes to pricing options. We offer the following programs:

Floating Price

Your fuel cost will follow the market price through its peaks and valleys. This is a good program for customers that have inconsistent propane needs and wish to follow the fuel markets closely.

Fixed Price

Primemax leverages our large purchasing power to negotiate a competitive fixed price with our suppliers. Once this process is completed we are able to pass this price security along to our customers. This program provides you with stable and consistent pricing for a predetermined period time, in a potentially volatile propane market.

Price Cap

Primemax negotiates with refiners and wholesale suppliers to provide a cap on your propane price. This means that for a predetermined period your price will never go above a certain point, but will drop when the cost of fuel drops. There is a fee for this pricing option.