Primemax has long term supply relationships with multiple propane refiners and wholesale suppliers.  Our facility stores over 1 million litres on-site and our large fleet of bobtail and metered trucks brings that supply to your farm when you need it.

Propane fits in nicely with your farm operation. Our single or multiple tank solutions can be placed in your yard to service single or multiple barns and out buildings. For your convenience, we maintain an inventory of large tanks that are able to be used for various applications.

Uses of Propane in agriculture:

  • Reduce moisture with an efficient and clean burning propane powered crop dryer. Increase your flexibility during your harvest and avoid decrease delays due to inclement weather
  • Greenhouses require clean and reliable heat to allow nurseries to operate year around. Propane is the cost effective choice to provide your operation the necessary flexibility and profitability all year round.
  • Propane is the logical choice to heat your barn. It provides the cost effective means to keep your stock warm and clean no matter what your operation requirements are.