Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

We understand your Anhydrous ammonia transportation needs

Primemax Energy specializes in the hauling of agricultural and industrial anhydrous ammonia. Ammonia gas is colorless and has a sharp, penetrating odor. It has some potentially dangerous properties that Primemax has an expertise in handling.  Our equipment is specifically designed to facilitate safe handling considering the high pressure and low temperatures properties of Anhydrous Ammonia

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Our Drivers have the training, experience and PPE’s to ensure that your anhydrous ammonia arrives safely with the utmost concern for the wellbeing of themselves and the general public. There is no substitute for professionalism!

(picture of Driver in PPE’s)

Cross-Border Shipments

We are well experienced in cross-border shipments and have the necessary training, permits and insurance coverages required by the US Department of Transportation to haul NH3.

(Photo of Agricultural ammonia use) Caption – We service NH3 transportation for agricultural uses.

(Photo of industrial site) Caption РServicing NH3 transportation for  Industrial users.